Album Discussion: Klaus Nomi – Klaus Nomi

(Image courtesy of the Klaus Nomi website.)

Nomi’s landing on Earth and on his music career was at New York’s East Village music scene, where his first recorded performance at the New Wave Vaudeville variety show landed. It’s positively one of the most beautiful and heavenly introductions for Klaus Nomi. Most popular in the east coast and France, he did pick up a record deal after extensive touring, which would later become the seminal introduction to Klaus Nomi to a wider audience. Continue reading “Album Discussion: Klaus Nomi – Klaus Nomi”

Interview: The World of .mp3Neptune

(Image courtesy of .mp3Neptune.)

We have our first textual interview today with music creative .mp3Neptune, an experimental electronic and plunderphonics musician from Utah. He currently has five releases under his main artist name, including label releases from Velvet Bazaar, Pizzabox Society, and BLCR Laboratories. I talk to him on a short interview tonight about his feeling on music, his history, and plans for the future. Continue reading “Interview: The World of .mp3Neptune”

Picks of the Week: 10/22/16

On this weeks little treasure trove adventure, we’ll discuss some experimental stabs from Poppy, a world internet phenomenon, and taking a break with a fictional video game soundtrack afterwards with Equip. Before we start, this week’s primary pick has to go to Prism Lite’s rendition to lo-fi hip hop instrumentals. Let’s take a gander! Continue reading “Picks of the Week: 10/22/16”

Album Review: 25 25 by Factory Floor

(Image courtesy of DFA Records.)

UK dance club sensation Factory Floor make a remarkable return after a slew of live shows from their hypnotic debut, Factory Floor, and the duo (formerly a trio after Dominic Butler left) are ready to follow up with another bizarre release, this time on the most extreme minimalism ever heard yet! Does 25 25 live up to the hype? Continue reading “Album Review: 25 25 by Factory Floor”

Picks of the Week: 10/06/16

Today we have three (3) musical recommendations that will entice your brain and body for the week. All have been released this year, so do not worry about being out of the circle with this one. We have on the table today the fun hip-hop/trap electronics of blank body, the “hellscape” of samples from DJWWWW, and the SEGA bliss of Christa Lee. Go down below and have a good time reading about a few wonderful releases. Continue reading “Picks of the Week: 10/06/16”