Picks of the Week: 10/06/16

Today we have three (3) musical recommendations that will entice your brain and body for the week. All have been released this year, so do not worry about being out of the circle with this one. We have on the table today the fun hip-hop/trap electronics of blank body, the “hellscape” of samples from DJWWWW, and the SEGA bliss of Christa Lee. Go down below and have a good time reading about a few wonderful releases.

EASY PREY by blank body (2016), courtesy of his Bandcamp.

Possibly the most complex-sounding instrumental hip-hop and trap release so far, blank body’s EASY PREY hammers some gleeful beats that will coincide to any great party playlist. There is a playful and deep trap vibe reminiscent of a Young Thug/Lil Yachty/Travis Scott production any beat-oriented listener will enjoy.

“SKIN MISSING” by blank body (2016), courtesy of his Bandcamp.

Listen to “SKIN MISSING” and tell me that wouldn’t blend right in to a trap party playlist. While the intro does encompass an ambient vibe, it quickly becomes apparent the massive layers of chaos to ensue on top of it. Booming percussion and a rattling one will enjoy on repeated listen. Get their release HERE.

Arigato by DJWWWW (2016), courtesy of Orange Milk Records.

Up next on our light list is the bizarre world of Arigato from DJWWWW, an underground electronic and conceptual artist who formerly founded the then-known HiHiWhoopie blog. With a set of fifteen tracks as a thank you to the internet support, Arigato is a beautiful and hectic release that explores sampling with just the simple power of Audacity. A feature from budding artist, toiret status, is included into the curated mix as well, rounding out the release with the sparkling entrance of “Friends” that’s chaotic as Giant Claw’s Deep Web.

“School” by DJWWWW, courtesy of Orange Milk Records.

Take a peek at “Schools,” a head-educing ensemble of cinematic curation with a main chopped loop as the beat and obscurely placed hip-hop and soundtrack references. Find their release HERE.

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone by Christa Lee (2016), courtesy of her Bandcamp.

The last (and never the least) item to round off things is the all-too beautiful debut from Christa Lee, titled Welcome to the Fantasy Zone. Taken from a deep and philosophical inspiration from the marvels of which are the games of the SEGA franchise and the numerous soundtracks within it, Christa Lee embarks to the mysticism, the inner core, of SEGA music and reflects the results right back with a nostalgic listen that not only mimics a time when SEGA Saturns and Mega Drives were on the rise but tells her listener that such an era never actually left.

“Magical Sound Sailor” by Christa Lee, courtesy of her Bandcamp.

Listen to “Magical Sound Sailor,” a track dedicated to iconic racing games like Outrun and SEGA Rally Championship. If you really want to hear the real beauty of the subtle bass in this track, play this on your car speakers. Trust me, it will sound amazing. Find her release HERE.

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