Interview: The World of .mp3Neptune

(Image courtesy of .mp3Neptune.)

We have our first textual interview today with music creative .mp3Neptune, an experimental electronic and plunderphonics musician from Utah. He currently has five releases under his main artist name, including label releases from Velvet Bazaar, Pizzabox Society, and BLCR Laboratories. I talk to him on a short interview tonight about his feeling on music, his history, and plans for the future.

Q: Hey, I hope this interview goes well, haha.

A: It’s great to be here today!


Q: So, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself and your music tonight?

A: Sure, I’m .mp3Neptune. I go by a ton of stuff online though. I mostly make this kind of experimental electronic music. I used to make music under the name Catlights (I do still, I just haven’t in a long while). I also work at a grocery store, but I’m gonna stop doing that soon because it sucks.

Q: Working at a grocery store does suck, but it’ll get better.

A: Thank you! Hopefully you’re right!

“Slows” by Catlights, courtesy of his Bandcamp.

Q: How would you describe your music for a new listener out there?

A: My music is reverb heavy and sometimes drawn out a bit, but hopefully it is unique and “texturally” interesting. I try to be cinematic… It’s very hard to describe my music from the inside perspective, but that’s how I see it.


Q: You’ve had quite a number of releases so far (Pizzabox Society, Velvet Bazaar, and BLCR Laboratories), and I’m curious to know how the reception has been for you recently!

A: I’ve honestly been super surprised at how well some of my releases have been received. I remember pouring my heart and soul into an album titled Phaneron (under Catlights), and upon release it got no attention at all. I was just used to that, so when people enjoyed my Velvet Bazaar release and bought the tapes, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. No lie. I think the breakthrough was really with my Pizzabox Society release. At this point, that’s what I’m known for most. I think that people really latched on to the whole concept rather than just the music itself, which is pretty cool.

“SECURITY BREACH (feat. RØBØTAISEN)” by .mp3Neptune, courtesy of Pizzabox Society.

Q: Fun Question: What would it be like if your artist name was a metal band, and you played metal music instead?

A: I don’t remember the name, but there’s a metal band that made a concept album about outer space. I only remember it because Anthony Fantano did a review of it. I’d probably sound something like that. Also, it would be the kindest, most loving and supportive metal music ever produced.

Q: I believe that was the latest Vektor album, Terminal Redux.

A: I gotta listen to it!


Q: What song or track would you recommend people listen to from your catalog?

A: Most of my music works best in a full album format, but a track that stands on its own well is “None of My Friends Are Real///withaspirit.avi///END SEQUENCE” off of my most recent album, Empty Faces in Digital Spaces. It closes the album off, and its almost 12 minutes of some of the most out there, plunderphonic, ethereal music I’ve ever made. I get really excited whenever I listen back to it. There’s gotta be like 30-40 samples on that thing!

“None of My Friends Are Real///withaspirit.avi///END SEQUENCE” by .mp3Neptune, courtesy of BLCR Laboratories.

Q: Let’s end this interview with a Nardwuar-inspired question! Why should people care about you? Why should people care?

A: I don’t think they should care, but I’d like people to care because I wanna make music that means as much to them as my favorite music does for me. I genuinely love people, so if I can make them happy doing something I love, then that’s like the ultimate win. Also, at the risk of sounding conceited, I feel like my music is pretty good at this point, and people could care because they might enjoy it! I’m nothing too special, so people not caring isn’t so important to me. I’m thick skinned, :). What’s your favorite kind of grilled meat?

Q: Odd question, but it would be carne asada, if I have to be honest.

A: Yes! I love carne asada, haha.


If you would like to support .mp3Neptune, check out their Bandcamp HERE.

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