Picks of the Week: 11/24/16

As the holidays approach, let’s take a look at a few chill releases to dampen our holiday stress, and one pick-me-up for the road. Today we’ll be exploring some ambiance, experimental electronic, and the coziest beats you will hear this week.

The Infinity Room by 36 (2016), courtesy of ASIP.

One of the more prominent ambient artists to come from Bandcamp, 36 (pronounced three-six) has been venturing out with label releases after a high-end success of self-releases on his own page. While most known for the essential Lithea album in 2011, I feel The Infinity Room picks up nicely from where the sonic palpitation of Void Dance left off. The percussion is more prominent this time around and plays around with tech house inspirations in a similar manner that Jon Hopkin’s did on his 2013 Immunity release. Although the latter mention has natural sound effects and a fervent energy to it, I think 36’s new release is softer but aims to compel with rhythms that progress in shifts rather than build-ups.

“Room 2” by 36, courtesy of ASIP.

Take the track “Room 2” above for a taste of what you’ll be getting into. The warm, damp textures of the synths and muffled percussion accentuate a dreamy, cyberpunk vibe to permeate the rest of the album. You can find the album over at the A Strange Isolated Place (ASIP) label over HERE.

Cynosure by Echonaut (2016), courtesy of his Bandcamp.

Echonaut, f.k.a. VOYAGER,  is a Houston instrumental beat artist most known for quality remixes and covers of personal favorite songs and samples. There is a new release from his under the Zetaprism name, but I wanted to explore his lesser-known cousin, Echonaut, who explores a more traditional lo-fi beat vibe with a larger focus on mood. Lengthier track times let the instrumental progressions breathe amazingly well against the trap and machine percussion, but what really hits most is the ambient, spacier cuts under this release that accentuate the level of attention there is on the music itself.

“Malware Defense” by Echonaut, courtesy of his Bandcamp.

“Malware Defense” may the one of the longer tracks from the release, but does a fine job to set up the track with a punchy piano melody and a looping breakbeat until the synthwork breaks in at the three minute mark to hit you with that bass-y satisfaction. Find out more about Echonaut at his Bandcamp HERE.

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