Interview: A Time with Lukepi

(Image courtesy of Lukepi.)

Our next short text interview today is with Lukepi, a friendly and massively experimental artist from the U.S. Most known for label releases from UK’s Question Records, California’s Neetspeak label, and Ireland’s Smirk Sounds, Lukepi’s music is an artistic collage between sampling, beat instrumentals, and electronic rhythms that will take anyone on a wild journey.

Q: Hey there Luke! Do you mind introducing yourself?

A: Sure! I’m Luke/Lukepi, and I’m a teaching assistant by day and a cool internet musician by night. I’m good at making pancakes too

Q: Before we get into the nitty-gritty about your music, you wanna describe it for anyone interested in it out there?

A: For me, I’d say I mostly make music under the instrumental hip hop umbrella. Sometimes, there’s a lot of noise influence in my work. One of my main goals when I was starting out was to make harsh noise fun and accessible and interesting in the context of hip hop beats.

“Oraclez” by Lukepi, courtesy of his Bandcamp.

Q: I do like how you incorporated hip hop into your music, so tell me how the reception has been with your label releases? Any new opportunities or visions from that?

A: I haven’t exactly “blown up” yet, but releasing on labels like Question Records and Smirk Sounds definitely helped me gain some new fans. I was (and still am) quite excited about that, since I like having my work released on a label. Being showcased with other extremely talented artists is very humbling and honorable, I think. I never grow tired of messages I get from new people that are like, “Hey! Your album is really cool and unique!,” or “I love this song, I listened to it in the car with my friends on my way to school yesterday morning.” I absolutely love that my music has any type of impact on people and I think releasing on growing netlabels helps it become a bigger reality. It also helps the labels grow and thrive, so it’s very cool.

“Hold On Tight! / I’m Soaring” by Lukepi, courtesy of Question Records.

Q: Here’s a similar fun question I did with .mp3Neptune on our last interview. What would it look like if your artist name was a metal band?

A: Oh jeez, hahaha. I think Nathan [the owner of Neetspeak] and I had a conversation like this ages ago? “Lukepi Power Metal” sounds pretty hilarious. I’m gonna buy a guitar and wail over some YouTube rips of DragonForce concerts, and just yell stuff like “I AM ALLERGIC TO LACTOSE!!!!!!! LAUNDROMATS MAKE ME UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!!”

Q: What song or album would you want to introduce new fans of your music before ending off this interview?

A: “Nearby Song” is probably one I’d recommend, and it seems to be a pretty popular pick from my latest album. I think tracks like “Oraclez” or “Hold on Tight / I’m Soaring” are good examples of my “making noise fun” ideology, though.”Heart Eyes,” however, is my most consistently popular song to date, and it’s a pretty fun track in my opinion.

“Nearby Song” by Lukepi, courtesy of Neetspeak.

Q: Similarly, let’s end this with the infamous Nardwuar question: “Why should people care about you? Why should people care?”

A: They shouldn’t! They should care about more important things (hahaha)!! I strongly recommend everyone that reads this interview to ignore my music and to volunteer at a soup kitchen near you, or vote in a local election, or hug someone special to you, and thank them for being there for you. If you’re REALLY dead set on listening to some new music, check out the latest Kashiwa Daisuke record; it’s good.

To find out more music from Lukepi, support and follow them on Bandcamp HERE.

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