Album Review: 3D: Die a Hero by 3D Blast

(Image courtesy of 3D Blast.)

Sampled funk and soul may have gone stale after all these years of future funk squeezing out every possible ounce of fun from it, but 3D Blast aims to be smarter and bigger than its peers. The results are one of the funnest and bombastic listens you’ll hear!

3D Blast is an electronic artist from Michigan with a knack and reputation for putting out quality singles and vaporwave-inspired jams and his albums are equally glorious. While the massive listen of Pioneer signaled a more chill atmosphere with slow-tempo percussion and grooves, 3D: Die a Hero is a completely different beast set on making the poppiest album this side of the US. The opener of “The Leader” is a five minute testament to the album’s goal: to make you dance and hit the seat of your car for the fastest ride you’ll experience on the freeway.

There is still glimpses of the old 3D Blast for the nostalgic fellows out there. Tracks like the chill sampling of “H3ART” and the breezy entrance of the j-funk extravaganza “King Street 印税” show the artistic progression. One of my favorite tracks though has to be “Pierce the Heavens (Head Towards Tomorrow)” featuring long-time friend, Dan Mason ダン·メイソン. The loud and expressive saxophone behind the mix, the explosive chorus line, and the revamp of the 80’s soul/funk get me grooving along every time.

“Pierce the Heavens (Head Towards Tomorrow) (feat. Dan Mason ダン·メイソン)” by 3D Blast, courtesy of his Bandcamp.

While 3D: Die a Hero may retread on recreating the music of the 80’s (for anyone not into recreation), but there’s enough originality in the mixing and the sampling is really spot-on amazing.

Rating: ★★★½ (3.5/5)

Cassette of 3D: Die a Hero, courtesy of 3D Blast.

If you want to purchase a cassette provided by Lost Angles, go HERE. Support 3D Blast on his Bandcamp HERE.


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