Interview: Short Takes with Renjā

(Image courtesy of Renjā.)

Today I took some time off to finally buckle down a short talk with the amazing Renjā, a beat and electronic artist with an expansive self-released catalog and some huge label releases to match it. From No Problema to Dream Catalogue and BLCR Laboratories, this is an artist to watch out for. Take a gander and have fun reading.

A: Fire your questions at me! I’m ready.

Q: Haha, oh man. Alright let’s get this started then.


Q: How have you been, Renjā? What have you been up to musically or otherwise?

A: I’ve been fantastic! All I’ve been doing is making tracks for my upcoming album, which is coming out in 2017. Right now I’m at 30 tracks, and I have 10 more to go.

Q: Ooh, sounds promising. Any label you’re thinking of for the release?

A: On No Problema, and it will be physical release.


“hide and seek in the virtual city” by Renjā, courtesy of Gem Tones.


Q: That’s very nice of them! Do you mind telling us about yourself and the Renjā project for new fans?

A: Ah, well I’m 18 and I live in a small town in Northern Indiana. I spent the majority of my time making music. I was around 15 or 16 when I created the moniker of Renjā in 2014.


Q: What prompted the inspiration as such a young age?

A: At the age of 11, I discovered a lot of underground music, and this was when French House was still a thing, lol. I got heavily influenced by that scene such as artists like The Phantom’s Revenge, Vanguard, and others. After that I discovered J Dilla and lo-fi hip hop, which changed my life. So, at around 14 my buddy “HyperGanesh” got FL Studio and started making music and told me to try it out. Ever since then I’ve gotten hooked.


“Like U” by Renjā, courtesy of Dream Catalogue.


Q: What’s the best thing about being Renjā? (Fan attention, musical opportunities, etc.)

A: I get quite a bit of heartfelt messages from people, and I never thought once in my life that I could possibly have such an impact on people. It’s a great feeling, but strange at the same time. Umm, musical opportunities…I get frequent messages from labels saying they want me to release for them, haha. So many people have asked me to collaborate it’s ridiculous. I don’t know, it’s crazy how so much has changed since I first started. The best thing about this is I can fully express myself and give people the opportunity to connect with me.

Q: That’s quite heartfelt indeed.


Q: Tell me, what track or album would you recommend for new fans of your work?

A: “Sweet Nothings” from my album, Symphonies of Inorganic Life, on No Problema. I would recommend new fans to listen to the whole album as well.


“Sweet Nothings” by Renjā, courtesy of No Problema Tapes.


Q: Fun question! What’s your favorite fruit-related food?

A: Definitely an apple crisp.


Q: Nice! How about we end this off the Nardwuar way…Why should people care about you? Why should people care?

A: They shouldn’t. They can if they want to. My goal isn’t to make music for people. It’s all for myself. I use music as a way of therapy to cope with daily life. My listeners and future listeners will never really care about me, because they don’t know who I really am. They’re only listening to my music.

Q: That is some food for thought for sure.


If you want to support and follow Renjā, go to his Bandcamp HERE.

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