Label Watch: Doom Trip Records

Possibly one of my favorite labels out right now, Doom Trip Records is a talented collective of artists with an impressive owner from California.With seven releases out, they may seem like a small group, but the music within is of a vastly expansive and beautiful experience.

All of the releases are outstanding, from the indie rock sensibilities of Skyjelly to the lo-fi compositions of R. Stevie Moore. Let’s highlight two releases from the label to get a good understanding, because there is a lot of music to unpack, and this should serve as a guide for anyone wanting to get into Doom Trip.

Flesh World Vol. 1 by Niku No Sekai (2016), courtesy of Doom Trip.

Niku No Sekai is the first cassette release that started it all. It’s a collaboration between M. Bailey of SCRTS/Invisible Paths fame; J. Rodriguez of Chinatown’s Pomar; and Z. Emerson, the mixer of the group project. While my favorite track of has to be “AM” for its guttural and heavy drone and guitar licks, a definite highlight has to be “WW4,” a dank and atmospheric ambient track set to introduce the entire themes of the record. Flesh World Vol. 1 is a haunting and intricate experience that likewise showcases the depths of Doom Trip’s catalog.

“WW4” by Niku No Sekai, courtesy of Doom Trip.

Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard by Skyjelly (2016), courtesy of Doom Trip.

The last record that I’d like to highlight from the catalog is the compilation/full release of Skyjelly’s Blank Panthers and Priest, Expert, or Wizard, both amazingly catchy and beautiful releases that commix to a singular experience. There is a hefty amount of balance between lo-fi and hi-fi with the added busyness of the composition. Tracks like “Acosta” are particularly my favorite for the fast-tempo percussion and catchy melody encapsulating the vibe of summer and beaches.

“Acosta” by Skyjelly, courtesy of Doom Trip.

I hope this introduces you readers to new music to look out from Doom Trip themselves. Aside form great music, they have a responsive and friendly personality on social media, so they’re very easy to interact with. If you have time to buy the cassettes, they are usually always in stock and for a good price. To support Doom Trip Records, check out their Bandcamp HERE, and follow their social media as well.

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