Thoughts On: “Hi” by Hannah Diamond

(Image courtesy of PC Music.)

Last year felt the growth of the PC Music label, a group of bubblegum pop artists that eventually evolved from kitsch to this world’s pop glamour. While there are many tracks and artists responsible for the increasing attention towards PC Music, Hannah Diamond has always stood out as one of the main manufactured pop stars. So, let’s talk what made Hannah Diamond rise to the top with “Hi.”

“Hi” is a three-minute track released on November of last year, and the song plus the music video released some critical praise and attention from fans and critics for the message and the implications of the music video. Aside from that, the track itself is an explosive pop piece with the catchiest hook I’ve ever heard in a pop song, mainstream or otherwise.

“Hi” by Hannah Diamond, courtesy of PC Music.

Coming from the mouth of Hannah Diamond on a Stereogum interview, “Hi” is a “…story of an online relationship, not with one specific person, but with all the people you interact with, and how it can often feel really isolating in online spaces despite being constantly surrounded by others.” Her narrative of online interaction, whether romantic or platonic, is something unique for how fresh and new the concept really is for the millennial generation that gets to experience it first hand. The song highlights the unhealthy nature of isolation, and as the chorus wants to emphasize it’s about wanting a connection that goes beyond a single hello.

Let’s not get the message of the wrong however, it’s not a song in support of anti-technology. Hannah Diamond herself had stated she wanted to delve further on the relationship between people and technology on the same interview. Craving human connection has always existed, and whether technology is there or not, one will feel the isolation without it. The music video above is the visual representation of this staggering and unique bond of human interaction. Exposing only what people will see online is a benefit of anonymity, but definitely a curse when it comes to human bonding. Anthropologically, we like to display our positive aspects of life to avoid the feeling that our lives are unfulfilling.

So, these are my thoughts on what I think are one of the greater songs of last year. It’s a pop song about online interaction, and it’s definitely something you won’t find in the mainstream or otherwise.


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