Album Discussion: High-Loops & Higher-Loops by Iman Omari

(Image courtesy of Fresh Selects.)

Whether this can be called underrated or overlooked or whatever, I want to talk about an excellent beat tape today from Iman Omari. Produced by him and mixed by Doc Adam, this album was two previously lost EPs come to light to form one beautiful release. You may not even realize they’re two different releases, but that speaks for the wonderful cohesion in the production and mixing presented.

High-Loops & Higher-Loops is the 2014-2015 compilation project of Los Angeles, California beat producer, Iman Omari. While I would consider this an album in its own right than a compilation (good luck trying to find these two EPs separately in the wild), the music itself is a prestigious and colorful collection of smooth beats and impeccable sampling. Take the vocal-chop banger of “Gemz” for example. The way the vocal snippets flow as a ocean wave and ride on the overlaying beat, and the “I’m dropping gems” interlude slipping in and out is absolutely catchy in every sense.

“Free Fall” and “Janky Party” are other stellar cuts from the album, especially the ascending piano loop taking up the main groove of the tracks. It’s outstanding how different the two pieces are, the former upbeat while the latter is a tad somber like walking into a lonely night bar.

“Free Fall” by Iman Omari, courtesy of Fresh Selects.

I’d like to highlight “Set it Off” and “That Girl” from the back half of the album, remarkably sweet on the ears and showcase the perfect ending to the rest of the release. High-Loops & Higher-Loopers is a simple and breathtaking listen if I have to be honest. There is a lot of simplicity to be had for each track individually, but the replay value of each track makes you want to listen to the entire thing every time.

Cassette of High-Loops & Higher-Loops, courtesy of Fresh Selects.

Pick up a cassette copy if you can over at Fresh Selects HERE, and support Iman Omari’s Bandcamp site HERE.

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