Label Watch: Prevue Guide

The anonymous folks over at the Prevue Guide have really recreated the purity of a late night lo-fi and vaporwave label something special to behold. Founded this year, their sound is incredibly diverse. From hypnagogic pop/drift to television and transmission music collage, here are two releases that should make this a label to keep an eye on!

FEMININE DIGITAL by GLITTER FORTRESS (2016), courtesy of Prevue Guide.

The second release from the mysterious Prevue Guide, GLITTER FORTRESS is the honed sleepy jam project of Emily Glass. What FEMININE DIGITAL has to offer is a mix of luscious and sensual percussive loops, chopped saxophone samples, and the sparkling dash of tickling guitar licks. The title track, for example, is sort of like listening to an intermission or in-between of a DVD menu, and the choice of this muzak-al sample is short in itself, lingering on to the next thing as if it never happened at all….or did it?

“FEMININE DIGITAL” by GLITTER FORTRESS, courtesy of Prevue Guide.

Total Video-Mind Ascension by Cybervision Simulcast (2016), courtesy of Prevue Guide.

This one really took me for a throwback. If you are familiar with lo-fi and hypnagogic music from 2009 to 2010, the styles fashioning of James Ferraro, Matrix Metals, and Rangers, then you’ll love what’s brewing with Total Video-Mind Ascension. A 20 minute, two untitled track movement, it’s a digital haze of bizarre intermissions, chunky drones, and the improvisational undertones that is as touching as a Lamborghini Crystal project (I really do miss that project sometimes). If any of that seems interesting to you, then take this for a spin.

“Untitled” by Cybervision Simulcast, courtesy of Prevue Guide.

A lot of what this label has to offer is a throwback to a simpler time in vaporwave, but it goes beyond to the roots in a way that is both pleasing and exciting. If you would like to keep updated with and support the people at Prevue Guide, check out their Bandcamp HERE.

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