About This Blog

‘The Modern Squeeze’ is a current blog aiming to talk about the latest releases from the internet and beyond, and having discussions about older releases and do interviews with the artists behind the music. I do cater to some playlist recommendations and picking albums and labels on a weekly basis to get you introduced on the newest and flourishing events happening in music.

Yours truly, Dave H. of this blog.

As for myself, I’ve been up to snuff with the most current trends in the experimental and electronic genres either through Bandcamp or other websites for years. I used to run a couple music blogs before this one on Tumblr, although I was a bit young and messy with my wording. Currently, I’m doing research and studying of significant releases and their social impact from the 1950’s and beyond is one of my passions today.

While my general interests cater to experimental and electronic music, I do try to cover other genres like hip hop, country, metal, pop music, and frankly anything that hits my radar.

Go down on the About tab to get more information on how the release ratings work. If you want to submit a request to discuss/review a release that I happen to miss during the week, please use the Contact tab for this.

Enjoy the reading!