Picks of the Week: 01/27/17

I’m playing catch-up here after putting all my time on that best-of list. Expect some 2016 releases to slip in so that you may also discover things that went unnoticed. Today’s picks will be a range between the netherworld of chillwave, beautifully composed beat instrumentals, and the best house/techno compilation this year has to offer!

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Pick of the Week: 12/13/16

(Image courtesy of Far Out Recordings.)

As the year comes to a close, the number of new releases really begins to slow down, so to compensate for that, here is an old release that should be important to note for its reissue this year. Come and take a dive into the era of Popular Brazilian Music. Continue reading “Pick of the Week: 12/13/16”

Thoughts On: “Crown” by Run the Jewels

(Image courtesy of the official Run the Jewels website.)

“Crown” is one of the more interesting singles to pop out  from 2015, and it’s also one of the more compelling from hip hop and music in general. Run the Jewels were a fantastic duo already taking the music world by storm with their debut, and their second release only confirmed the serious political fury they present with “Crown.” Continue reading “Thoughts On: “Crown” by Run the Jewels”

Label Watch: Doom Trip Records

Possibly one of my favorite labels out right now, Doom Trip Records is a talented collective of artists with an impressive owner from California.With seven releases out, they may seem like a small group, but the music within is of a vastly expansive and beautiful experience. Continue reading “Label Watch: Doom Trip Records”

Picks of the Week: 12/09/16

As the year draws to a close, so does the quantity of music. This week, however, chooses some gems from the rough. From different sides of the spectrum, these two picks hold their cultural and musical roots while presenting them in astonishing and inventive ways. Continue reading “Picks of the Week: 12/09/16”

Picks of the Week: 11/24/16

As the holidays approach, let’s take a look at a few chill releases to dampen our holiday stress, and one pick-me-up for the road. Today we’ll be exploring some ambiance, experimental electronic, and the coziest beats you will hear this week.
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Picks of the Week: 10/22/16

On this weeks little treasure trove adventure, we’ll discuss some experimental stabs from Poppy, a world internet phenomenon, and taking a break with a fictional video game soundtrack afterwards with Equip. Before we start, this week’s primary pick has to go to Prism Lite’s rendition to lo-fi hip hop instrumentals. Let’s take a gander! Continue reading “Picks of the Week: 10/22/16”