Mixes & More

This is a detailing list of recommended playlists and people who host daily mixes/playlists to keep a healthy diet of music into one’s system. While most of these picks focus on electronics and lo-fi, some of these folks also cater to some mainstream material as well, so I hope you find this information useful. If you want other kinds of information like podcasts and vlogs, go down the “Mixes & More” tab to find out more.



Mordecai is the host of various popular mixes and DJ Sets focused around experimental electronic and underground music for those craving for the deeper cuts of electronic music. Find most of their mixes on Mixcloud, and follow them through their website.

Website // Mixcloud


Neon Nights

An online radio show hosted by Luxury Elite, Wednesday nights at 11:00 p.m. EST. Providing the best when it come to the newest and more obscure vaporwave, hypnagogic music, lo-fi, future funk, and the occasional experimentalism to boot.

Cosmic Sound Website // Mixcloud


Joy Upload

A weekly mix upload from Dave between Thursday and Saturday night. More focused on electronic music as a general, but does themed playlist around genres like Latinx/Hispanic-focused music, metrosong, and even pure lo-fi mixes.

Picarto Livestream // Mixcloud


Ravertooth Tiger

An upcoming and weekly edition of rave/underground/hardcore music with occasional guest mixes. Presented by the Ravertooth Tiger label.

Website // Soundcloud



A vaporwave-specific livestream that has thrived from guest mixes from vaporwave artists and label mix specials to showcase new music and some insight on some of the artist’s favorites tracks.

Frission Radio // Bandcamp