Other Blogs

This is a list of blogs I wanted to recommend, and while it may be a small amount, I follow them enough to consider them good people and good opinions for the most part.


Spectrum Pulse

While I’ve mentioned his Vlog as his most prominent feature of his brand, Mark of Spectrum Pulse wasn’t always a vlogger. Writing reviews was his specialty, and he goes in-depth on music, movies, and the culture behind them. You’ll be damn surprised at how well he writes and his descriptive language gives his reviewing style a special flare from most writers.


Bandcamp Hunter

While not necessarily a writer, Bandcamp Hunter mostly promotes the hidden and obscure releases from Bandcamp. It’s on his end-of-year lists, however, where his writing shines to give insight on his reasonings behind his picks. His diction and simple descriptors make his recommendations all the more convincing.


Tiny Mix Tapes

A music reviewing publication on the surface, they do have some blogs on the side: Cerberus and DeLorean. These capture the infintely large sum of hidden, underground, and overlooked releases that can’t be explored on the main website. Cerberus focuses on limited physical releases of all types while DeLorean aims to recommend artists that fall through the cracks of their regular website content.