This is a dedicated list of music-related podcasts to check out. Most of them I listen on a daily basis as well, so you’ll be sure to know that these are particular podcasts I like. If you want a list of vlogs, you can go below the “Podcasts” tab for information on that.

The Oscast/The Forecast

An on-hiatus weekly podcast featuring interviews and silly takes with vaporwave’s best artists and occasional broad electronic producers as well. It has also expanded to host interviews by music reviewers as well. Hosted by Oscob and 3D Blast, the duo aim to tackle and understand what happens behind the curtains of the darling internet genre.


TND Podcast

A new podcast formed from the experienced music critic and promoter, Anthony Fantano. At a whopping 55 episodes, it ranges from interviews with Clipping., Xenia Rubinos, and more. Currently, the podcast has expanded to other YouTuber’s like Filthy Frank and Pyrocynical, but it still maintains the base foundation of discovering the inside scoop of some of music’s upcoming artists.

Website // Youtube

Virtual High Chat

With music as a thin connection here, this is the off-the-chain podcast of Rez and Oscob, two friends and artists with no bones to pick and hardly a cohesive thought about the multitude of topics. From music to movies to every day current events, you’ll get to hear them speak uncut about whatever. With an occasional guest here and there (most of them friends for the most part), there’s enough variety and chaos for a good laugh or two.


Comfort Zone/3D Cast

The successor of the Oscast/Forecast, 3D Cast does an excellent job creating his own spin on the original format. Bringing in multiple guests and returning faces like Incarta ’95, Hex-a-Decimal, and the owner of DMT Tapes, to chat with artists, it’s more a loose get-together than any serious talk about music. For the most part, this really works as the interactions are always goofy and free-flowing.

Bandcamp // Soundcloud