Ratings Guide

Album and product reviews will be done based on a star system of 5. Ratings are based on the effectiveness and inherent cohesiveness of a project or art piece, and may also have some subjective rating based on context and lyrical themes if any. Check below for more specifics. As an added note, there is no “zero (0)” rating.

½: Lacks any sense of cohesion or good songwriting, has terrible lyrical themes if any, generally awful or bland musical production, fails to be effective music beyond recognition of the human ear.

★: Generally tepid songwriting and framework that underplays expectations, still awful production and terrible mixing qualities, generally fails to be cohesive or effective.

★½: An equal description from a one-star rating, but with a few elements of potential content that may disappoint or underwhelm.

★★: Underwhelming songwriting and framework, potential in production and mixing usually squandered from delivery, and elements of effective cohesion dissipating from aforementioned conditions.

★★½: An equal description from a two-star rating, but signs of musical effort elevating cohesion and songwriting to a forgivable status worth a listen.

★★★: Average songwriting and framework, mediocre to decent production and mixing due to minor or lack of originality or effectiveness, generally passable content despite its major flaws, if any.

★★★½: An equal description from a three-star rating, but shows signs of musical effort that reach a four-star rating.

★★★★: Very good songwriting, cohesion, and framework, lyrical themes containing flaws but generally provoking, musical content has potential among its sphere of influence but may be out-competed by similar content.

★★★★½: Excellent framework, may execute lyrical themes with little criticism, has amazing but not always perfect production and mixing supporting the content, creates a potential splash among its sphere of influence.

★★★★★: Excellent and cohesive framework, perfectly executed themes and lyrical content, superb production and mixing that supports the content in every facet, and possible implications for widespread influence.