Top 100 Releases of 2016: 50-01

Read Part 1, 100-51, HERE for a good look before heading down this road! All info, premise, and honorable mentions will be there. Now let’s go on with my top picks of this year. Continue reading “Top 100 Releases of 2016: 50-01”

Picks of the Week: 10/06/16

Today we have three (3) musical recommendations that will entice your brain and body for the week. All have been released this year, so do not worry about being out of the circle with this one. We have on the table today the fun hip-hop/trap electronics of blank body, the “hellscape” of samples from DJWWWW, and the SEGA bliss of Christa Lee. Go down below and have a good time reading about a few wonderful releases. Continue reading “Picks of the Week: 10/06/16”