This list is mostly entries from more established vlog figures, but as a collective, there is a well-rounded coverage of music from punk and rock to hip hop and country. A lot of these are critics and opinions I do often respect, so I watch them daily. Most are from YouTube, so that brings a good level of convenience.


The Needle Drop

You can’t mention music vlogs without somehow naming Anthony Fantano of the Needle Drop. Existing sine 2009, he’s currently the fastest growing and most popular music reviewer right now. Covering hip hop, punk, rock, experimental, and everything in between, you’ll get a wide coverage of what’s going on in the music world.

Website // YouTube

Spectrum Pulse

One of my personal favorite reviewers and YouTuber’s, Mark of Spectrum Pulse is a critical yet dedicated music reviewer with a bigger focus on pop and country records. While he’s not afraid of tackling a wide range of genres, he makes sure to give the viewer a detailed and concise argument for his opinions. His weekly segment of “Billboard Breakdown” is what he’s currently known for outside of that.

Website // YouTube


A small YouTube reviewer, his forte is in anaylyzing and giving comment on physical cassette releases. While it’s not so much about the music as it is the quality of the product, he’s sure to give you insight on factors like collectibility and rarity.

Twitter // YouTube

Dead End Hip Hop

A hip hop and R&B review channel, it is composed of Feefo, Kinge, Beezy, Myke, Rod of Modest Media, and Sophie. With music reviews as the main course, they are highly passionate about speaking and commenting on the cultural events surrounding hip hop and music in general. What’s amazing is that each member also has their own individual channels loosely related to music, but they are equally as engaging and bring a personal touch to each individual.

Website // YouTube

The Rap Critic

Another hip hop reviewing channel, Daren Jackson is a producer for Channel Awesome but he does a well job of setting himself apart. Mostly focused on single song critiques, he’ll give you insight into the lyricism and themes of hip hop’s biggest songs and albums.


Myke C-Town

Myke, a member of Dead End Hip Hop, is particularly my favorite reviewer because of his channel. Focusing on metal and anything non-hip hop, Myke does solo reviews, talks about his new purchases, and answers questions from fans about music or his personal life. Lately, he’s hosted several music videos for other artists he’s personally involved with.

Twitter // YouTube

Frank JavCee

Frank JavCee isn’t a reviewer per say, and music is loosely his topic on his videos, but he is a musician from California I’d note for his parody music videos and semi-serious videos on music history. You’ll occasionally find him doing other comedic parodies from time to time, but it will always be about what he is known for, the music and his artistry behind it.

Bandcamp // YouTube


This is a fairly new channel I follow. I want to include this one because he reviews rock, emo, and punk albums, and has a bigger focus on pop and mainstream releases. While he does dabble on the underground, he admits it’s not his forte, and I respect him for that. Check him out if you want the latest opinions on the newest mainstream release.